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This product utilizes nano bamboo wood fiber board as its base material. Through 3D printing, the entire image can be printed seamlessly and densely on multiple wall boards, offering a customizable option for personalized patterns. Its flexibility has gained popularity among a wide range of individuals. The versatility of installations has revolutionized the traditional TV background wall.

With its affordability and convenient, flexible installation, this product allows for easy removal and replacement of patterns if desired after several years of use. The "3D Modular Continuous Painting Background Wall" can be installed without the need to dismantle the existing background wall. The modular installation process can be completed within a day due to its simplicity and convenience, making it an ideal choice. The wide range of styles and patterns offered caters to various preferences, especially among young people.

Key advantages of this product include its environmentally friendly nature, resistance to stains, waterproof properties (washable), Class B1 fireproof rating, scratch resistance, mold resistance, moth resistance, lightweight design, quick installation, diverse pattern selection, and customizable color options.


  • New product
  • Best price
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Strong and long-lasting material
  • Multi-purpose product